Preparing You to Reach Your Surrogacy Goals

Surrogacy is quickly becoming an increasingly popular method of growing one’s family. But what is surrogacy? Who is involved in a surrogacy? What is it like to have someone else carrying your baby? What if the gestational carrier is a personal friend or family?

Many people know what surrogacy is, but exactly how it works and all of the details involved in a surrogacy process is another story. If you are dealing with infertility and have considered surrogacy as an alternative to growing your family, you likely have some of these same questions.

How Does Surrogacy Resource Counseling Work?

Surrogacy resource counseling serves two main functions: first is to provide a family with education and support regarding surrogacy, and second is if the gestational surrogate is known, to provide counseling to all parties involved to safely move through the surrogacy process.

While using a known surrogate has many benefits, it also comes with its own unique set of challenges. For example, if your sister-in-law gives birth to your child and has that physiological connection with the child, how does that play out? How do you transfer emotions for the child from one mother to another mother?

The answer: As long as the adults are clear about their responsibilities and they have openness and honesty in their family, then the child has all of the ingredients to be successful in that family. Surrogacy resource counseling can help you achieve this harmony among the relationships involved in this process.

Through surrogacy resource counseling, Kris will:

  • Provide education, guidance and support, and answer all of your questions about surrogacy
  • Meet privately and collectively with intended parents, known surrogate and family, and any known donors to discuss physical, medical, financial, legal and psychological issues
  • Talk with known surrogate family, especially if they have children, as not everyone has a child and does not bring him or her home, which may confuse previous children
  • Provide valuable resources to various surrogacy professionals, including for finding a surrogate, finding intended parents, finding donors, finding insurance, and more

Why Choose Kris Probasco for Surrogacy Resource Counseling?

Believe it or not, Kris has actually been involved in surrogacy from a very young age, although not how you might expect. Kris grew up on an Iowa farm, where her family raised cattle. To make a bigger, meatier breed of cow, they would inject a Limousine cattle embryo into the much larger uterus of the Jersey cow.

To her, it looked like the cow was simply getting a shot. But little did Kris know, there was much more happening with those cattle, and she would later become heavily involved in this practice.

Since that time, Kris has been involved in hundreds of surrogacies, providing services ranging from matching, counseling, referring, and much more. Her participation in various conferences and webinars, as well as providing valuable counseling and consulting services to both intended parents, surrogate families and donor families, has made her a key figure in Kansas City surrogacies.

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