Helping You Make the Best Decision for Your Family

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking they aren’t going to have their husband’s baby or their wife’s baby. Nobody thinks it will be them that will have to look toward alternative options.

As couples begin experiencing fertility challenges, they often believe they just need to see a specialist who will “tweak” their cycle to facilitate conception. But when their specialist begins to present them with other alternatives to their genetic pregnancy, they are often taken aback as they find themselves in this situation.

This news is often difficult to hear and accept, and with it comes a wide range of emotions, questions and feelings of uncertainty. Kris Probasco can identify – she’s been there personally and professionally, having helped create over 3,000 families, many of whom started in the same position you find yourself in today.

What is Family Building Resource Consulting?

Infertility resource counseling is an important first step to help you deal with your infertility and regain control over your family’s future. With Kris’ knowledge and experience, you will be able to make the absolute best decision for your situation and set you on a personalized path toward parenthood.

By meeting with Kris, you will:

  • Learn in-depth, independent knowledge about adoption, surrogacy, IVF, donor conception and other alternatives, and which option may be best for your family
  • Understand the range of costs associated with each alternative
  • Learn the emotions and challenges associated with each alternative
  • Receive valuable referrals for whichever alternative you ultimately choose
  • Receive counseling for dealing with your infertility
  • Have someone to talk to about your fears and concerns with alternatives
  • Making decisions as an advocate for the child’s best interests
  • Have a partner throughout this entire process and even for years after its completion

The number of sessions required is entirely based on each couple’s needs. Once you and Kris determine the best path for your family, she will provide you with referrals that best match your goals and will be as involved in the process as necessary. And remember, even if you begin working with an adoption agency or surrogacy professional, Kris is always available for continued guidance and counseling.

Why Work with Kris?

Kris Probasco has spent her entire career in the social work field, helping complete families through adoption, embryo adoption, donor conception and surrogacy. She has been involved in:

  • Counseling for adoptive families, surrogates, genetic parents and birth parents
  • Matching services between prospective adoptive families and birth parents, and adoptive parents and genetic parents in embryo adoption
  • Introducing open adoption to the Kansas City area
  • Organizing and participating in some of the largest adoption and surrogacy conferences in the country

After overseeing programs with Missouri’s Division of Family Services, Child Placement Services for Community of Christ, Resolve of Kansas City, St. Luke’s Medical System and more, Kris is excited to share her knowledge and experience with you.

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