Equipping You With the Knowledge of All Things Adoption

From an early age, most of us have a good idea of whether we want to have children. And when we began dreaming of that day, for very few of us did it involve children that weren’t biologically connected.

So years later, when a doctor presents the news of one’s infertility and the possibility of adoption, of course there is a feeling of shock, disbelief, disappointment and sadness.

If this describes how you feel, understand that there is no shame whatsoever to feel this way.

Kris Probasco has consulted thousands of people in your same situation, all who had these very similar feelings – and many who are now parents to adopted children or donor-conceived children and can’t imagine their lives any other way.

How Does Adoption Resource Counseling Work?

For many people, getting from point A (learning the news of your infertility) to point B (proceeding with an adoption plan) is not easy. They must shift the way they look at adoption and parenthood as a whole; they must understand that the child’s genetics are a part of the parent-child relationship, and is 100 percent un-required to sharing a loving relationship.

Adoption resource counseling helps hopeful single parents and couples get from point A to point B.

Through adoption resource counseling, Kris will:

  • educate you on the various types of adoption, including private, independent, state and embryo
  • give you hope that you can indeed love an adopted child as much as a biological child
  • answer any of your adoption questions, including questions about birth mothers, adoption laws, adoption professionals, and more
  • provide valuable resources to take the next step in your adoption plan
  • educate you about how open adoption works, the various degrees of open adoption, and how it can dramatically improve the adoption
  • provide ongoing support throughout the adoption and even after the adoption, as needed
  • provide much more specific counseling based on your personal situation

Why choose Kris Probasco for adoption resource counseling?

Kris has been involved in all aspects of the private agency and foster care adoption process since the mid 1970s. She spent time facilitating foster care adoptions with Missouri’s Division of Family Services, she was the executive director of Child Placing Services of Community of Christ in Independence, Mo., and she currently runs Adoption and Fertility Resources Inc.

In 1989, Kris completed the first open adoption in Kansas City.

Kris has dedicated her career to adoption and a variety of adoption organizations, and now Kris is excited to share her passion and knowledge with people like you. You may click the following to learn more about adoption resource counseling today.