Kris Probasco | Adoption & Fertility Resources

Kris Probasco is Kansas City’s infertility resource counselor, helping well over 3,000 couples reach their dreams of becoming parents. With over 40 years of experience in private adoption, foster care adoption, open adoption, donor conceptions, embryo adoption, surrogacy, and more, Kris is a valuable independent resource to help families answer questions such as:

  • When should we start thinking about alternatives for pregnancy?
  • What are alternatives to genetic pregnancy?
  • How exactly do those alternatives to pregnancy work?
  • Which alternative is right for our family?
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“Many of my former clients have told me that without our infertility counseling sessions, they wouldn’t have been able to make as good of a decision, feel as confident about their decision, and be as ready to meet the challenges that their decision later presented.”Kris Probasco

Adoption Counseling

For many people, getting from point A (learning the news of their infertility) to point B (proceeding with an adoption plan) is not easy. Adoption resource counseling helps people learn more about adoption, whether it is right for them, and how to get started toward become parents through adoption.

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Surrogacy Counseling

Many people know what surrogacy is, but exactly how it works and all of the details involved in a surrogacy process is another story. If you are dealing with infertility and have considered surrogacy as an alternative to growing your family, you likely have some of these same questions.

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Embryo Adoption Program Now accepting applications for adoptive parents in their embryo adoption program. Genetic families are waiting for placement. If interested, please call to schedule a consultation!